Wednesday, June 11, 2014


"..they left their nets and followed Him"
-Matthew 4:12-25

     Peter, Andrew, James and John were all fishermen. At the time Jesus called them to become fishers of men, they were all busy casting their nets to catch fish. This is their livelihood, their source of living. Yet, no matter how busy they were that time, and without hesitations they still chose to abandoned their nets, boats and even their fathers when they heard Jesus voice calling them to follow Him. If you were one of the disciples, will you follow someone whom you never met before asking you to abandon your "nets"?

     Jesus is not asking us to do the same. He understands our circumstance. He understands that we need to work for us to avail our needs in order to live, to support our family and loveones and to fulfill our dreams. He understands that sometimes we need to be busy and take an overtime in our work because our superiors have told us so and the deadlines are already near. In fact, He understands us in every single thing we thought He doesn't understand us.

     But there's something He eagerly wanted us to do for Him: He actually wanted that in everything that we do and in everytime that we are so busy casting our "nets", we still think of Him and choose to follow Him. That's all.

     Tonight, let's abandon our "nets" in a while and take time to talk to Him in prayer before we sleep.


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