Wednesday, June 11, 2014


     Today, I attended The Feast with my lola. Bo (Sanchez) usually asks his listeners to tell someone sitting beside them with comforting and soothing words before starting his talk. And this morning, he encouraged everyone to say these words "God has been very good to you.". And upon telling those words to her (my lola), I immediately followed it with a question meant to be just a joke. I asked her "Talaga? Naging good si God sayo?". And out of nowhere, she answered me "Oo, naging good si God sa akin dahil hinayaan nyang maging survivor ako.". Her answer shocked and stunned me. She was pertaining to the Yolanda tragedy that happened in Leyte last year. She is very okay now that I almost forgot what she'd been through during the typhoon hit. I paused for a moment, smiled and thanked God for really being good not just to my lola but to each of us whom He loves.

     God is really good..

    ..all the time.

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